Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big Sky Mud Flaps

My favorite truck accessory has to be the mud flaps.. when they are not rated R. These proud Montana Big Sky Country are wonderfully displayed on a Ford F150.  Can anyone name the year?


Paulo Camacho said...

I live in a freeze place. I like to see but don't like snow.
You have an interesting photo blog, where we can drink a little more of the world.
I will follow your blog.
If you have some time you maybe visit my photo blog, in an island in the meadle of the Atlantic
Paulo Camacho

Anonymous said...

man, oh man, that snow sure brought the memories of driving through Montana one fine "spring" day. And I think we did hit Bozeman on the way (and a very strange place called Deer Lodge). LOL!
Greetings from Japan!

Kim said...

Wow, they make them last and keep em working. My dad had a series of Ford F150s. This looks like one from the 80s. Am I close?
It is very hard, BTW, to get a good capture of snow flakes descending like this. Very nice capture!

Anonymous said...

that's a late 70's ford. i have three at home.

muddywaters12strg said...

I got to agree that mud flaps are a great truck accessory. Its a good idea to invest in mud flaps, especially for those that live in areas of the country that get rain throughout the year.