Saturday, November 14, 2009

this man deserves a trophy

here he comes.

oops. must be rough riding your bike in a foot of snow!

Congrats Doug! You made it to work today.  Crazy!!


cieldequimper said...

Great reporter job!
It doesn't snow very often around Paris but when it does, it's CHAOS!

Three Rivers, Michigan said...

Wow, crazy for sure! I've ridden my bike through sand dunes, but that looks harder. His boss should give him the rest of the day off!
Three Rivers Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

Wow Becky! Crazy!
We used to ride our bikes in the snow too when we lived in Sweden.

Kate said...

Great series of photos. What a hearty soul!

Darth Ego said...

Where's your helmet young man?

Mike said...

Hard core!

Kim said...

Cute guys riding bikes are always a welcome sight, and fun to see all that snow caked on his rims. Cool shots Beckyboo!