Saturday, May 29, 2010

wild bear life

This young grizzly bear was digging next to the road for food in the dirt.  This picture also convinced me that I need to buy a polarized filter for days like this in Yellowstone and higher altitude pictures.


Stefan Jansson said...

Not every day you meet a grizzly I guess!

Unknown said...

Beautiful photograph Becky.

Kim said...

You got the shot, and that's what counts. Only a handful of us have seen a grizzly in the wild, so this is thrilling to see. I think in cases where there is a lot of white behind your subject, it is a case of choosing your light metering method rather than needing a polarizing filter. If you spot meter and take the light meter reading from the subject you are focusing on rather than the camera reading the light from the background, it should help expose the bear correctly, despite the bright background. Your composition is wonderful.