Friday, October 23, 2009

local pomegranates

I had never seen a pomegranate tree until a couple days ago when I went to my friend's house.  Her four year-old asked me if I wanted to pick pomegranates.  Of course!  I have always wanted to see a pom.. tree!  For the rest of the afternoon, we rested in the shade and ate fresh picked fruits.  Unfortunately, they split open when it rains, so you can loose a whole harvest after one storm.


Britta Hubbard said...

wow. this is so cool. I had no idea they opened on the tree! where were you?

Kim said...

A family friend around the block form us when I was a kid had one of these, and we used to help pick them, ate them fresh, stained our clothes :-). My mom made pom jelly from them one year. Her arms stayed pink for a week after trying to mash the seeds by hand as she cooked them down. This is a lovely shot of them.

man with desire said...

The Bible describes in a very interesting way about pomegranate tree: