Thursday, January 28, 2010

next door neighbors

Here they are in all their glory after a foggy evening and morning.  I have wanted to take a picture of these three buffalo that live about a mile from my house for a long time, but was waiting for the temperatures to drop and the crisp air to dust them up with frost.  Funny thing - a bull from the herd chased them over to me.  And, I had to stay in the car or they wouldn't come close.

They don't look as big from this angle. Don't be deceived..they're huge.
For my dad.  He loves buffalo.


Stefan Jansson said...

They look very impressive. Second shot is my favorite as you can't see the fence.

Kim said...

You got some great shots. I like seeing the painted ponies in the background, too. Those are pretty hip buffalo. I wonder where they get their piercings done? :-)
Versailles Daily Photo posted a buffalo head in a French antique shop the other day. I took a picture today of a small orange buffalo in a sculpture. I'll put it up on Flickr soon.